CRESTWOOD THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE, One 55th Place South, Birmingham, AL 35212    205-915-4287

Crestwood Therapeutic Massage
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SWEDISH MASSAGE: Good for stress relief and relaxation, swedish massage consists of light flowing strokes.  This type of massage is also good for circulation problems.

DEEP TISSUE: Good for working out kinks in muscles, deep tissue massage consists of pressure being applied to specific problem areas.  This type of massage can be mildly painful so communication between therapist and client is very important. Deep tissue is more about the type of stroke used to apply the pressure rather than the pressure itself. Never be afraid to ask your therapist for more or less pressure.

NEUROMUSCULAR MASSAGE: Synonymous with sports massage, neuromuscular massage consists of appling pinpointed pressure to trigger points in a muscle. Trigger point work is very specific and can often be helpful for treating muscle injuries and chronic pain problems.  As with deep tissue communication is critical during a neuromuscular massage.

STRETCHING: Stretching is vital to overall body maintenance.  When a muscle becomes tight it can shorten in length. If this happens the muscle pulls on its attachment sites at the bone causing misalignment of the body.  Stretching is often utilized during a massage to help prevent/correct this problem.
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